AI & Marketing: Adapting Strategies for Success

Marketers today face the critical challenge of efficiently understanding their organizations’ audiences across many channels. According to a 2020 McKinsey survey, as reported by, the marketing and sales sector ranked third in terms of AI adoption rates.  

Without the power of AI, gaining deep insights into audience behavior and effectively engaging with them becomes an increasingly time-consuming and complex task. Marketers who embrace AI, however, can unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity in their everyday tasks. This increased efficiency and data-driven approach ultimately translates into enhanced business outcomes, including higher conversion rates, increased sales, and improved customer retention. 

How can marketers use AI? 

According to Sprout Social, “AI-driven marketing is set to drive 45% of the total global economy by 2030”.  Marketers who understand and leverage the diverse applications of AI will be well-equipped to drive successful marketing initiatives. AI empowers marketers to gain deep insights into customer behavior, accurately predict outcomes, streamline marketing tasks through automation, and craft highly personalized, engaging content that resonates with target audiences.

The three most impactful uses for AI with digital marketers:

  • Data Analytics
    While most tools will provide marketers with the data they need, they often find themselves having to shift/filter through all the exported data from multiple channels to get the bigger picture. With the help of AI tools large amounts of data from multiple marketing platforms can be collected and summarized in a fraction of the time, creating impactful efficiencies in workflow.
  • Content Generation
    Content that fails to resonate with the target audience can lead to unsuccessful marketing campaigns and diminished customer retention. Leveraging intelligence-driven social media tools to analyze Voice of the Customer (VoC) data can provide valuable insights into the content preferences of the target audience. AI-powered platforms can generate compelling copy with keywords frequently searched by the target audience, extending beyond creating visually appealing images. AI can also enhance nurture campaigns by crafting persuasive communications, optimizing email subject lines for improved open rates, personalizing content based on buyer personas, driving intent-based conversations, and engaging with each prospect/client individually. This is particularly crucial in an era where, as Forrester states, “the time between brand discovery and product purchase has collapsed,” making it essential to strengthen relationships with prospective customers.

  • Personalization
    In a recent article, we discussed the importance of creating loyal communities through The Power of Personalized Brand Relationships. AI has revolutionized personalization in marketing, enabling a shift from manual, demographic-based approaches to individualized, behavior-driven strategies. By leveraging AI, marketers can effectively anticipate the content that resonates with customers, nurturing brand loyalty and fostering deeper connections. As Forbes highlights, “AI-driven personalization leverages AI to tailor marketing efforts to individual consumers. It goes beyond traditional data analytics by using machine learning algorithms to predict and adapt to user behaviors in real time”. The benefits of AI-driven personalization include enhanced customer experience, increased ROI, and efficient, real-time decision-making, ultimately strengthening the power of personalized brand relationships.

Build effective business strategies with AI  

AI integration into marketing strategies is critical for businesses striving to maintain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital arena. By harnessing the power of AI, marketers can unravel intricate datasets, uncover consumer behavior patterns, and generate actionable insights, enabling smarter, data-driven decision-making. This sophisticated analysis facilitates the development of highly relevant, personalized campaigns that captivate and engage consumers effectively.

iCrossing strategically leverages AI to elevate marketing returns, guiding clients toward the forefront of digital transformation. By integrating the predictive power of AI with a nuanced understanding of consumer behavior, we help our clients craft compelling narratives and achieve remarkable business outcomes. If you need an agency partner who can transform brand experiences into superior business outcomes, get in touch with us today. 


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