Iced Media CEO urges onboarding of TikTok Shop as key 2024 digital marketing strategy


Last year, CosmeticsDesign attended the Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) State of the Union event and spoke​ with presenter and CEO of Iced Media Leslie Ann Hall for her strategic advice and predictions for the key drivers of digital marketing efforts for beauty brands in 2023, which included the ‘tiktokification’ of ads and influencer-driven advertising content.

Following this year’s CEW State of the Union event, we followed up with Hall to revisit this topic and gain new insight into the most significant changes in the beauty industry digital marketing and her forecast for this year’s most impactful aspects of social selling.

What’s changed

Social media platform TikTok again took center stage in Hall’s CEW presentation this year but with a new look. Since our discussion last year, the platform has launched TikTok Shop, a feature that allows users to list and sell products in digital storefronts. The platform also allows users to take advantage of direct selling to followers.

These new opportunities in e-commerce have “disrupted the social ecosystem and the creator economy in the short four-month period since it launched,” said Hall, and with the meteoric rise of TikTok Shop, “brands are seeing even more sales come from TikTok.” The increase is “primarily being led by Creator content,” she explained, “where shoppable, short (mostly Creator-led) videos are driving 75% of sales on the platform.” 

Further, she continued, digital sales are being driven through TikTok Shop thanks to the “robust, built-in Creator platform, where instead of Creators getting paid in advance to make content, they are choosing brands to co-create content with based on the future promise of getting a percentage of the sales they drive.” As a result, these innovations are “completely changing how these types of partnerships are structured,” she shared.


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