Pipedrive adds a suite of AI tools in CRM to improve sales management


Pipedrive has launched its new suite of tools “Pipedrive AI”. It is designed to optimize the sales processes of small businesses through generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) and predictive capabilities. In this article I tell you what it is and why these tools can be useful to improve your sales process.

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What is Pipedrive AI

Pipedrive AI is an advanced suite of artificial intelligence-based tools designed to optimize and improve sales and customer relationship management processes. Integrated within Pipedrive’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software, this innovative solution offers a range of features and functions that enable small and medium-sized companies to make more informed decisions, improve their efficiency and increase their sales.

Next, I will discuss the main tools in this advanced Pipedrive suite:

Intelligent support for optimized performance

One of the stars of this suite is Pipedrive’s AI Sales Assistant, which significantly improves efficiency by identifying success patterns and recommending priority actions on deals with a high probability of success.

This assistant is able to deliver actionable insights and automate intelligent processes, allowing you to focus on what really matters. In addition, the new software includes tools for AI-driven email creation, enabling users to compose personalized and effective emails in seconds, increasing response rates and accelerating deal conclusions.

From communication to integration: a comprehensive approach

The suite makes it easy to create and send communications, but it also adapts to the specific needs of your business through intelligent application recommendations. These recommendations are designed to optimize the use of the CRM platform, ensuring that each business can take full advantage of its features and functionalities according to its own operational and strategic requirements.

  • AI Email Generator: Through simple commands, this tool allows users to create personalized emails quickly, improving communication and response from potential customers. Personalization and speed of communication are key to closing deals more efficiently.
  • AI Email Summarization: This feature condenses crucial information from incoming emails, allowing users to quickly grasp the most important points. This summary helps to better manage the volume of communications and make faster and more accurate decisions.

  • Intelligent app recommendations: Based on each company’s specific usage and needs, Pipedrive AI suggests apps that can be integrated with the CRM to boost functionality and improve business processes.
  • AI-enabled marketplace search: Facilitated by OpenAI technology, this tool allows users to search and find third-party tools using natural language, making it more accessible to adopt new solutions that fit their specific needs.

The combination of these communication tools and advanced integration capabilities will make it easier for you to manage complex interactions and voluminous data more effectively. The result is a platform that not only manages customer relationships, but also becomes a catalyst for business growth and efficiency.

Pipedrive AI: Impact and accessibility

Designed to be accessible and useful for businesses of all sizes, Pipedrive AI is available in different subscription plans, ensuring that companies can choose the level of functionality they need according to their budget and business requirements. But if you want to try it before you subscribe you have 14 days, free of charge, with full access to the suite of tools.

In short, Pipedrive AI serves as a personalized assistant for sales teams, providing intelligent recommendations, task automation and predictive analytics to improve efficiency and improve your sales results. If you want to try Pipedrive, you can do so from our affiliate link, which includes a 30-day free trial and a 20% discount on the first year:

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