Slack Sales Elevate Transforms Sales Team Performance


Slack, the AI-powered platform for work, now offers sales teams a new way to elevate their performance and manage revenue-boosting opportunities. Slack Sales Elevate integrates Salesforce Sales Cloud with Slack, to provide teams with a workspace that centralizes crucial information, simplifies processes and automates administrative tasks. 

Built on the Slack platform and enhanced by Salesforce data, Slack Sales Elevate gives organizations a comprehensive productivity solution for growth. It addresses some of the core challenges faced by today’s sellers, accelerating deal cycles and bringing business context to sales conversations. 

Helping sales teams focus on what they do best

According to the recent State of Sales report from Salesforce, the majority of reps spend only around 28% of their week actually selling. Teams are constantly navigating administrative tasks with dozens of different tools, giving them less time to connect with customers and close deals

As the landscape for salespeople grows more complex, with changing customer expectations, increasing demands for speed and personalization, and greater competition, salespeople need better tools. They need a way to optimize their workday so they can focus on what matters most.

Slack Sales Elevate is the solution. It helps teams accomplish more by pulling critical data, such as customer records, accounts, opportunities and key metrics, into a single working space in Slack. The combination of real-time deal information delivered automatically and proactively to teams in the flow of work helps teams save time and close deals faster

More than 80% of sales managers already say that Slack Sales Elevate helps them stay up to date on deals, reducing lengthy sales cycles.

Addressing common sales issues with speed

Slack Sales Elevate brings Slack and Sales Cloud together to help teams achieve success in a modern business environment. To thrive in today’s world, teams need to be agile and have a dedicated space where they can connect with colleagues, access tools and leverage data. Slack Sales Elevate assists with:

Automating routine tasks

Slack’s visual, no-code Workflow Builder allows any user to automate routine functions with custom workflows for any channel. Companies can design workflows with notifications triggered via Salesforce for deal win reports, pipeline reports, monthly deal audits and more. And they can harness the power of Slack AI to help sellers and leaders collaborate, and get up to speed with conversations via thread and channel summarization features. 

Aligning critical tools

With an all-in-one environment for deal management and insights, Slack Sales Elevate eliminates context switching. Sales records are automatically integrated into Slack, and companies can access their ecosystem anywhere, whether they’re on the web or a mobile device. 

Plus, they can build on their workflows with more than 2,600 software tools and custom apps from the Slack App Directory. This means every employee can access an all-in-one environment for productivity. 

Simplifying team selling

Slack Sales Elevate brings critical data into Slack AI for collaborative work. Companies can connect their stakeholders, conversations, CRM insights and sales tools in one environment, for exceptional collaboration. Teams can align with each other from any device, breaking down data and communication silos in a single workspace. 

Teammates can stay on top of deal changes, with Salesforce-triggered notifications that notify sales reps and leaders when a deal stage, amount or date has changed

Enhancing forecasting

Accurate forecasting is crucial to the ability of companies to effectively distribute resources and pinpoint opportunities for growth. Slack Sales Elevate helps ensure that pipeline data is accurate and up-to-date by streamlining and simplifying the deal logging process for sellers in Slack.

It empowers leaders to forecast predictably and make better, data-driven decisions from anywhere, with trusted pipeline data and real-time visibility into deals, available in a single view, from any device. Sellers get instant deal notifications and gain deeper insight into real-time changes so they can quickly take action with their team. 

A new era for selling, with Salesforce and Slack

Slack Sales Elevate is a powerful new resource, specially designed for evolving sales teams. This solution enhances the incredible functionality of Slack with valuable insights from Salesforce Sales Cloud, to synchronize, align and empower teams. 

With Sales Elevate, leaders gain more insights into team performance and opportunities, while reps get the resources they need to move deals forward from any opportunity. 

Internal research from Slack and Salesforce even found that reps updated deal information twice as fast using Sales Elevate. The same study also found a 29% increase in users who update opportunities daily, highlighting the opportunity the solution offers to accelerate deal cycles. 

To find out more about how Slack Sales Elevate can benefit your business, download the e-book here


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