Boost Your Customer Acquisition Strategy

97% of non-buying website visitors never return. To remarket to website visitors who left without taking action, you must go above and beyond traditional marketing. Remarketing iseffective in acquiring new customers and upselling existing ones. Remarketing advertising has a10x better CTR than display ads. These ads can recoup 26% of lost customers and reduce cart abandonment by 6.5%.

Unconvinced? Remarketing surpassed all other ad approaches with 1,046% efficiency. Let’s look at how to optimize remarketing ads.


Ten years ago, most marketers used spray-and-pray methods. They spread their campaign everywhere and hoped the right individuals would notice it. Digital advertising changed everything. This gives advertisers more flexibility by letting them target campaigns and measureresults.

Example: Facebook has made remarketing brighter over time. Targeting by gender, age, and hobbies is possible—also, Possible hyperlocal targeting. Imagine you have a Bandra West branch and want locals to see your ad. Pin code targeting does this. Even localised text ispossible. This permits SMS and email retargeting and boosts ROI. Geofencing can limit the areato 500 metres. You may customise the message with hyperlocal by highlighting local landmarks,events,orfestivals.

This technique helps businesses target Millennial and Gen Z consumers. Facebook News Feed ads on mobile devices had a greater CTR and cheaper CPC than on PCs and laptops.


When a person browses the internet, cookies collect data, including:

Search information, items and services, user intent, etc. This shows intent. Knowing your targetmarket’s online interests might help you create effective display adverts. Data can help discover consumer behaviours and prospective buyer locations along your sales funnel. Speaking to your target customer’s intent personalizes your communication.


Consumers are upset by remarketing ads that interrupt their browsing. Ad blockers’ popularity reflects this discontent. Timing may make or break are marketing campaign.

Timing varies with product. Timing affects different brands differently. Your target market may utilize Facebook from 9 to 11p.m. Advertiseon social media now.

Product Remarketing

Google now offers dynamic marketing, a great way to connect with website visitors and promote products and services they’ve viewed. Customise your message to attract customers to yourwebsite.

Remarketing requires image-based ads for all of your products and services. Google’s DynamicRemarketing makes this easier. Using your chosen text, Google creates dynamic ads based on website visitor behaviour.


Placement is key. Even a great ad won’t work if it’s not displayed correctly. This requires choosing the proper channels, positioning the webpage, and geo-targeting. Hyperlocal messagingis effective for connecting with your audience. Hyperlocal marketing might direct customers to call customer care or visita branch. Physical location and webpage positioning are essential.


Existing customers are more accessible to sell to than new ones. Existing customers spend moremoney. Remarketing to current customers may increase your average sale price. You can sendthem personalised emails about new product launches, special discounts, etc. Incentives can include rewards points. Cross-selling is another way to remarket to existing clients.

Remarketing For New Customers

To have the most impact, acquire data from all touchpoints, including devices, platforms, andchannels. Data collection can help you understand their needs, issues, and goals. This helps hyper-personalise your messaging, which out performs traditional advertising.

Social media attracts current and potential clients. Facebook is a good way for BFSIs to reachtheir Indian target market. 25-45-year-olds can get news, information, and product reviews. Use social media and Facebook display ads in your remarketing campaigns.


Plan your strategy around search remarketing. Popular search engines like Google provide searchterms users use to locate your website, making customer targeting easy. You can focus your remarketing efforts using these particular search phrases.

Customer acquisition marketing converts strangers into customers. This process includes lead generation, nurturing, and retention. Developing client acquisition marketing methods is key to success. Analysing the buyer’s purpose early in customer acquisition marketing will aid you later with lead nurturing and engagement. Follow the right way to maximize your customer acquisition campaign. Follow leads through the sales funnel, so they don’t escape.


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